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Lock Monitoring Boxes

Q. Is the MSB62-10 Lock Monitoring Box able to take an End of Line Module (EOLM)?

A. Yes. All AMS Lock Monitoring Boxes, unless stated otherwise, will take an EOLM.

Dual Lock Lever Handle (DLLH-33)

Q. How do I determine the handing of the Dual Lock Lever Handle?

A. If you are standing on the inside of the door (facing the door), which side of the door is the lock on? For example, if the hinge is on your right then the handle will be on your left. You will need a LH (left hand DLLH-33).

Q. What type of lock will the DLLH-33 operate with?

A. The DLLH-33 is designed to operate in conjunction with most high quality mortise locks.

Q. Is the DLLH-33 SCEC Endorsed?

A. No. SCEC endorsement is not required for door handles, although this product is full plate furniture which SCEC require for secure area rating.

Cable Transfer

Q. What is the internal diameter of the spring?

A. The internal diameter of the spring is 12.5mm

Monitored Access Panel (HS MAP)

Q. Does the HS MAP come with cylinders?

A. The HS MAP is supplied with a factory cylinder and two keys. Your customer will normally provide a restriced cylinder on completion of the project.