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Case Studies



An overseas government agency required a product to secure hazardous liquid chemicals.  The brief was to design a lockable security device that could be installed on existing chemical containers and the lock to be re-used once the existing containers reached their use-by date.

Our solution was to design and develop the AMS ChemLock which incorporates the following features:

  • A lock that was separate to the container
  • Able to be removed and re-used when required
  • Could have a crimped security seal attached
  • Has a restricted key system
  • Does not need a key to be locked i.e. self-latching
  • Includes an RFID tag for traceability


A large national building required our Dual Lock Lever Handles to be fitted on secure doors.  This particular building had custom made door furniture when the building was new and this furniture is no longer available.

Our solution was to re-engineer the existing door handles to pair with our custom manufactured Dual Lock Lever Handles.


One of our customers came to us with the problem of people tail-gating through secure entry doors.

Our solution was to design a swipe card bollard with a rotating motorised camera inside the top of the bollard.  The swipe card activated the camera to determine and monitor who went into the building.


A national institution had problems with monitoring the bolts on large vaults.  They required a monitoring device to positively identify that the bolts were fully thrown.

We designed a Lock Monitoring Box to suit the internal mechanisms of the vaults which enabled monitoring of the vaults at all times.

This solution has also been applied to general safes and vaults in a range of applications.